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Evidence History Cleaner

History Cleaner-

Traces of your Internet usage are left every time you browse the Internet including played games such as Mortal Kombat X hack. Ensure that no one uncovers these private records by using Evidence Cleaner Gold’s History Cleaner:

Evidence Cleaner Gold covers all the bases of removing these history records, which includes many files that normally could not be deleted:

• Recent documents
• Temporary Internet Files
• IE URL dropdown
• Index.Dat Files (IE system file that displays URL’s you’ve visited)
• Cookies
• Autocomplete
• Recycle Bin
• Windows Temp folder
• Windows Clipboard
• Start–>Run drop down
• Find Files–>Drop Down
• Wordpad Recent Files
• Paint Recent Files
• Netscape Histories
• Netscape Cookies
• Netscape Cache
• Netscape URL drop Down
• RealPlayer Recent files
• …and more!

Evidence Cleaner Gold’s History Cleaner also includes advanced features such as our Cookie Tin which allows users to select certain cookies to keep.…

About Evidence Cleaner Gold

Right now your privacy is being compromised!

Evidence Cleaner Gold

Evidence Cleaner Gold

Whether it is in the work place or at home, your computer and
Internet use leave tracks revealing information about sites you visit, images you view, files you open, e-mails you’ve view, and more. This information can be easily accessed and viewed by co-workers, family members, and even hackers.


Evidence Cleaner Gold has been engineered to meet all of your computer privacy protection needs.