Warning: Protect yourself now from others spying on your private files. Don’t jeopardize your job or your family!

Right now your privacy is being compromised!
Whether it is in the work place or at home, your computer and
Internet use leave tracks revealing information about sites you visit, images you view, files you open, e-mails you’ve view, and more. This information can be easily accessed and viewed by co-workers, family members, and even hackers.


Evidence Cleaner Gold has been engineered to meet all of your computer privacy protection needs. With just one download, you will have access to these easy to use and effective privacy protection tools:

History Cleaner-Remove traces of your PC and Internet use... (more info)

Surveillance Detection-Know if someone is spying on you... (more info)

Secure File Deletion-Prevent others from recovering your deleted files... (more info)

HotKeys-Hide your opened Applications in an instant...... (more info)



" One in four UK companies has sacked employees for Internet misuse, and
porn sites were the most common reason, a survey for Personnel Today
magazine has found. The research showed 69% of those fired for abusing
their Internet connections were surfing for pornography. The next most
common causes were web chatrooms and personal emails."


Evidence Cleaner Gold Works:


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